Lorraine and Brendan | Wedding at Los Portales Venue | Anthony, New Mexico Wedding Photographer

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Lorraine and Brendan’s blush and gold rustic wedding at Los Portales Venue in Anthony, NM was such a beautiful event. It was the perfect location for their intimate day, shared with their most cherished friends and family. As soon as Lorraine described her wedding plans to me, with rose gold bridesmaids dresses, gray and navy suits, lots of greenery and wood, and a minimalist, chic aesthetic, I just knew it was going to be a gorgeous day!

Brendan and Lorraine were introduced back in 2012 by a mutual friend. He worked at Macy's, and she worked at MAC (inside the store), and they often spent their lunch breaks together. Brendan was always such a gentleman and he showered Lorraine with gifts and respected her, which was so different from other men she'd dated. She really loved that about him.

Lorraine and Brendan have the sweetest little boy, and Lorraine says that seeing Brendan become a father just melted her.  "I knew that I wanted to spend my life with him. Our story is different...but I love our story. We didn't do things traditionally and I love that about us, it solidifies it even more that we can do this thing called life together." Brendan and Lorraine had already decided they wanted to get married, but Brendan proposed after showing the ring he'd picked out to their son Brody. "Should I give this to Momma?" he asked. Brody, of course, said "Yes!" and the rest is history. 

Brendan and Lorraine go so well together. I love the way Brendan makes Lorraine crack up laughing, while he himself is totally straight-faced! He’s got this really great subtlety to his sense of humor. He looks at her with the sweetest expressions—well, they both do. Throughout their whole Las Cruces/White Sands engagement session, as well as through the entire wedding day, you could just tell they completely adore each other.

These two kept their wedding simple, sophisticated and chic. I loved the combination of greenery and woodgrain (the chargers!), the beautiful minimalist stationary, and especially Lorraine’s stunning Cocomelody dress and her gorgeous veil and headpiece. Her attire was the perfect compliment to Brendan’s sharp, slim cut navy blue suit.

Lorraine and Brendan opted to include my absolute two favorite parts of wedding coverage—a First Look, and Sunset Portraits. As we prepared for the First Look, Brendan waited patiently on the other side of the building while I got Lorraine into place, and when he walked around the corner, he was absolutely beaming when he saw her! These two shared a quiet moment just taking in their emotions and each other before we rolled through their portraits and the rest of the lineup.

Lorraine had told me a few times that she was bound to cry during the ceremony, and I think she was probably fighting tears back from the time she walked down the aisle. While the officiant read a special poem selected by the couple, which spoke of cherishing each other through all life’s changes, and always offering love and respect, her eyes were brimming—as were many of their guests, and wedding attendants. Again, the way they looked at each other…seeing the depth of emotion in my couple’s eyes when I witness and document their wedding is such an honor.

The reception started right after the end of the ceremony. Lorraine and the crew at Los Portales Venue had put together a team of amazing vendors to pull off a wonderful evening! The food was fantastic, the cake was stunning, and the dessert table was brimming with the prettiest treats!

After dinner and just as the sun was beginning to set, we stepped out into the back of the venue property. I was so glad we had nice soft light, since we missed out on that during their engagement session! But the sky did not disappoint—between how easily these two melt into each other's arms and the dreamy backlight, I couldn’t contain my excitement! At one point, I ran over to show them the back of my camera because DANG, these two looked AMAZING!

Brendan and Lorraine, I can’t thank you enough for including me in your perfect dream wedding! Documenting your wedding day was such a privilege, especially because KNOWING YOU has been one, too!

All my best in your new life together as Man and Wife!

XO, Erin

Lorraine and Brendan totally adore their little guy, Brody, and it’s no wonder why! He’s such a sweet kid, with the cutest smile. I asked him at one point if he wanted to help me take some pictures, and if he was hesitant with me before, that sure made all the difference! He stood on my stool and snapped a few pictures of his parents and grandparents—and did a really good job. :)

Vendors Involved in This Wedding:

Venue: Los Portales Venue, Anthony, NM

Dress: Cocomelody

Bridal Details: ASOS, David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: ASOS

Groom and Groomsmen’s Attire: Tuxedo Emporium, El Paso, TX

Bride’s Hair: Anabel at Montenegro Salon and Spa, El Paso, TX

Bride’s Makeup: Lorraine Golucke

Invitations: Paper Dainty (Etsy)

Florist: Angie's Flowers, El Paso, TX

Catering: Diamond Catering, El Paso, TX

Cake: Mata’s Bakery, El Paso, TX

Dessert Table: Simplicity by Daniela

Officiant: Kent Wingenroth

Melissa and Josh | Las Cruces, NM Sweetheart Session

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Photography has changed my life by putting me in a position to meet, care about, and serve people I'd have never met...and by opening doors to incredible opportunities I'd have never otherwise experienced, if not for my business and ambitions.

Case in point: I have had the opportunity to know and care about this sweet gal only because my love for photography drove me to pursue it as a business! Melissa and I live in different towns, and it's safe to say our paths wouldn't have crossed if not for photography.

But last year, I was searching for a photographer in the area to take my own family's pictures when I came across Melissa's business account on Instagram. Her pictures were beautiful, and when I explored her website a bit more, I decided that we she's totally the type of person who I could be close friends with. Plus, she's got five kids, and as a mother of three myself, I had immediate respect for her--I still can't imagine how she manages a home, family and business, let alone the other responsibilities and obligations she takes on. I can hardly handle my three! 

We've had a few opportunities to hang out in person since our family session last year, but this summer, we decided to bring our guys and swap couple's sessions.

Rustin and I got all dolled up and drove the hour to Las Cruces to meet Melissa and Josh. Melissa had this great spot picked out with lots of greenery. We decided it most definitely didn't look like New Mexico--a little hidden oasis.

I just want to do a little plug for sweetheart sessions here, really quickly. Wedding photography is a given--but as a whole, people tend to not think of documenting their marriages beyond that. The reality is that, as wonderful as weddings are, and as important as it is to document them, it takes so much more to stay married than it does to get married in the first place! So as the years pass and you make it through whatever curveballs life throws at you, don't downplay the importance of documenting your love and commitment to each other--staying together, and building a life together...that's a beautiful thing that should be celebrated!

I'll share the images from our session in a couple weeks, but for today, take a peek at these two--Melissa and Josh are such a sweet couple with great chemistry, who are coming up on 13 years this winter! And to that I offer a big huge Congratulations. 



P.s. Watch for Melissa's cute nose-crinkle when she laughs! She's a doll and it's adorable! 

I wasn't going to add any of the headshots I took for Melissa, but...

Las Cruces White Sands New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0497.jpg

...nose crinkle!! :) 

Three-Year-Old Portraits in the New Mexican Desert

Deming New Mexico Family Photographer_0455.jpg

This little sweetie just had a birthday! I've had the privilege of taking her pictures each year since she turned one, and I just have to say that having clients come back year after year, and developing an ongoing relationship with them and their little ones, is one of the most gratifying parts of portrait photography to me. I get to play with kids at their portrait sessions, and see how much they've grown and changed in a years' time, how they've begun to come out of their shells, or how their personalities are developing, or in Miss S's case, how CURLY their hair has become (so adorable!! I love curly haired kiddos!). 

Deming New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0311.jpg

I also get to see how much they've stayed the same--how each individual child has their own way of 'being' and they leave their unique stamp on life and on their loved ones.

I have three of my own children, so it's not like I don't know this. But it's different somehow, when you're with your children day in and day out. It's easy to miss the subtle changes, when you're in the thick of it. (Thank goodness for pictures! Yet another reason making photography a priority is important!). 

At our playdate (portrait session), Miss S and I played all sorts of games to make sure she showed us her real smile. We teased and laughed, jumped and danced, picked flowers, sang songs, and blew kisses to Mommy, all while the New Mexico sky worked it's magic in the background. 

To my littlest clients: I sure love you! You're the best. ❤️


Lorraine and Brendan | Las Cruces and White Sands, NM Engagement Session

Las Cruces White Sands New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0400.jpg

Lorraine found me on Instagram! I can't tell you how happy that made me, because sometimes, it feels like social media can be a big Black Hole in Cyber Space. :) But she was searching hashtags for a Las Cruces wedding photographer, and stumbled across one of my recent pictures which she immediately loved--and that drove her to check out my feed and website, and then submit an inquiry for her upcoming wedding. Next to word-of-mouth referrals, that's exactly the way I hope to be found!   

I love being able to talk with or meet prospective brides--and with Lorraine, I felt an instant connection! She's sweet and kind, has great taste and style, and as she described her wedding plans at the beautiful Los Portales Venue in Anthony, New Mexico, I couldn't help but feel excited with her! Later, when she described Brendan and told me some of the things she loves about him--including the way he can find common ground with anyone in a conversation and make everyone feel at ease--I knew they would be a perfect client couple. 

In the days leading up to our session, Lorraine and I talked about possible locations, and I sent her sample shots that I thought would appeal to her personality and style. She had mentioned she loved dramatic images, which immediately made me think of White Sands National Monument (hellooooo drama!). One of the other examples was of the east side of the Florida Mountains, here in Deming, and I explained that we could do something similar at the base of the Organ Mountains in Las Cruces. I was kind of in Photographer Heaven when she asked if we could possibly shoot at both of these spots I'd never shot at before--Not one, but TWO new locations? DONE. 

We started out at Aguirre Springs, with its majestic view of the Organs and it's tall grasses, which only caused *minor* allergy issues.

These two. They are so sweet together, and have such a beautiful chemistry!

Once we finished at Aguirre Springs, we drove the rest of the way to White Sands National Monument, and scouted out a beautiful spot for the rest of our session. I started off with shots of Lorraine's gorgeous tear-drop engagement ring...

...while these two cracked jokes at each other and goofed around in the background. :) 

Lorraine and I had planned their whole session around getting that dreamy New Mexico evening backlight--but wouldn't you know, the sun decided NOT to show up for us. I thought for sure it'd peek out right before sunset, but the cloud cover was just too thick. Regardless, it was an absolutely stunning location, with a stunning couple, and though I didn't get the sun, I did make sure to get a shot with the moon! Keep scrolling...

Lorraine and Brendan, thank you so much for spending the evening with me! It was SUCH a pleasure getting to know you , and I can't wait to capture your special day in TWENTY NINE DAYS! It's going to be beautiful, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that this time, we get some SUN. :) 



Safford, Arizona Mint and Peach Wedding | Second Shooting with Marquette Laree Photography

Deming New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0396.jpg

I'm so excited to share these pictures! I kinda sorta love that I have some really amazing PhotograFriends--Especially this girl right here:

Deming New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0348.jpg

We currently live about 250 miles apart, but every once in a while the stars align and we get a chance to shoot together. 

Deming New Mexico Wedding Photographer Sunshine Picture Project_0351.jpg

This is the second time I've been able to shoot in Safford, Arizona with Marquette--it's always worth the drive to spend a day with her, and this wedding was so beautiful! With a gorgeous bride in the most amazing dress (wait 'till you see the twirling shots!), a couple who clearly adore each other and were nothing short of adorable, and gorgeous details and colors. 

Second shooting is a completely different experience than being the primary photographer, but sometimes, it's a welcome treat! I felt really relaxed and at ease, and my creative juices were flowing like crazy. I walked away from this one with some of my all-time favorite compositions. I hope you enjoy!