Chelsea and Jeremy | Deming, New Mexico Sweetheart Session at Keeler Farms

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Friends, say hello to one of my favorite girls, and her awesome husband.

Chelsea is smart and witty, spunky and clever (is that the same thing as witty? or smart?). She’s a ball of fun, and she’s sweet and genuine and oh, so many other fantastic things, rolled into one beautiful person—and I love her so. :)

Jeremy has such a beautiful backyard, and he did it all himself. If only I had his talent, we would not have a dirt backyard, and my kids would love me forever! He’s quiet and unassuming, easy-going and patient. Embarrassingly, I once crushed one of his solar powered front walk lights, and he didn’t even get annoyed at me. So I 100% appreciate him for that. :) He’s totally sweet with their two tiny kids and he's a really hard worker--he seems to always have a project that he’s currently working on.

As a couple, these two are so stinkin’ cute—Seriously, I will not be offended if you skip the rest of this post and scroll straight to the good stuff if you want to, because it does not disappoint! In fact, I may do that as well. :) 

For their Sweetheart Session, we started out up near Spring Canyon, just southeast of Deming. This is one of my favorite locations in the area--I shoot here often, so I’m always looking for new areas and angles to shoot from, to keep things fresh. This time, we had beautiful desert backgrounds and light right up near the base of one of the hills. And BONUS! Less wind. So maybe THIS is my new favorite spot. 

I got these two into place and spent a few minutes walking them through what to expect from our session, and I promised they'd have fun, look natural and have some really amazing pictures if they'd relax and trust me.

You guys. Trusting your photographer is HUGE, because that's where the magic happens. (Just wait, you'll see!).  

We spent almost an hour playing around in the Canyon, and then headed back down to Keeler Farms for some sunset portraits. Did you know I live for sunset portraits?? (The day will come when people will start rolling their eyes at me when I go on about how much I love to shoot in golden hour light and how it sets my soul on fire. I've come to terms with that. ;) 

So anyway, the fields and orchard at Keeler Farms were such a perfect setting to end our session--lots of green and open sky, dirt roads to stroll down, and a fantastic, sweet, loving, fun and trusting couple to try a few new tricks with. The only thing more I could have asked for was a bit of cloud cover to make the sky come alive...but hey, you can't have everything. 

I bet you can't scroll through these without smiling. At least, I can't.

XO, Erin